Saturday, August 7, 2010

Forever Odd

Forever Odd

Dean Koontz

4 out of 5

Since I did not enjoy the first book in this series, until its very end, I surprised myself by picking up this one and realizing that I enjoyed it quite a bit more.

Odd really endeared himself to me in this one. From the beginning with his story about Elvis to the end where he will do what it takes, even if it is his own life, to help a friend. That is what Odd does, and with the help of his loved ones in the town of Pico Mundo, Odd will forever be treasured by his band of friends and the readers of this series.

Odd Thomas does not consider himself a hero, he just has the ability to communicate with the dead and has a built in magnet that draws people, whether alive or dead, to him. Odd's a good person so when his childhood friend disappears, Odd uses his ability to find him, not realizing that this journey will take him to an old abandoned casino and the evil Datura, who is determined to use Odd's gifts to further her own wicked goals.

The ending leads right into what appears to be the third installment of the Odd Thomas story. That in itself looks very interesting. Just imagine Odd as a Lay member of a religious order with Elvis along, since Elvis knows that this is his way home to his beloved mother.

I am glad that this series is starting to grow on me, I had been a fan of Dean Koontz with his original books, and I am glad that I can once again look forward to reading more.

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Kris said...

I used to be a huge Koontz fan, but I haven't read his books in years. It sounds like I need to do so.