Monday, June 7, 2010

Deja Dead

Deja Dead

Kathy Reichs

4 out of 5

Kathy Reichs sure can write a descriptive scene, right down to the maggots on the body. Don't know if that would appeal to everyone, but it sure did draw a vivid picture.

First of all, if you are looking for an identical match to the Bones TV show, well, this book isn't quite it. "Temperance Brennan of TV land" has more of a past then "book Brennan" and though they both share the same general education and experience, they are very different characters. Keeping that in mind, this book is still quite good as long and you remember to keep the two entities separate.

Temperance, a forensic anthropologist, is call out to examine a mutilated and decomposing body in Quebec where she is on loan from her regular job in the states. After a thorough examination, she begins to see comparisons to previous cases, comparisons that she is having a hard time convincing others of. However, as more and more bodies turn up and more and more similarities present themselves, it is becoming harder and harder for the French bureaucrats to deny what Temperance is seeing. Add in information that Tempe's best friend has revealed and all hell breaks lose when the two explode into a terrifying finale with the final body count escalating.

My only real concern with this book is the number of characters introduced. Which ones do I need to remember for the next book, who is recurring and who is just there for this one time event. I enjoyed this book and the series, I am sure, will settle down with each character having a more distinctive voice that will be easier for me, the reader, to keep straight.

Ms Reich definitely draws you in quickly and hopefully the remaining books of this series will keep me just as enthralled.

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