Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cereal Murders

The Cereal Murders

Diane Mott Davidson

3 out of 5

Unfortunately, some of these books are better then others.

Elk Park School does everything it can to help their students enter the collegiate world. After one student prep breakfast, Goldie Bear, caterer extraordinaire, stumbles across the body of a student in the snow. This is not just any student, the is the class valedictorian, the one that everyone knows will be accepted to the college of his choice.

The rich are different and when it comes to getting a child into a top school, there are no longer any rules and what should be a happy time in their child’s life is suddenly turned into an all out competition with no hold barred.

Goldie finds herself in the middle of the murder investigation, of course Tom Shultz is there too since he is trying to get closer to Goldie. But the investigation takes a personal turn when Arch is home alone and a rock comes flying through the front window and later someone blocks the chimney filling the house with smoke. And when that isn’t enough to warn off nosey intruders, a second body is found.

I’ll continue on with this series in hopes that they get better, but this one just couldn’t hold my interest. Hopefully, they will spark up soon.

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