Sunday, July 5, 2009

Death on Demand

Death on Demand

Carolyn Hart

3 out of 5

Annie Lauance has retuned to Broward’s Rock Island to run her uncles bookshop after his death. Ever since her childhood visits, this part of South Carolina has always been home.
This isn’t your typical bookshop, they specialize in mysteries and when a much disliked author is murdered during a weekly gathering of island writers all fingers point to shop owner Annie - who had just had her own blow up with Elliot Morgan.

Just when Annie’s life couldn’t get anymore complicated her past comes for a visit in the shape of the very dashing and quite wealthy Max Darling. To win Annie back, Max starts his own investigating and with any luck he will exonerate Annie and get the girl of his dreams. That is if she would ever take Max seriously.

Carolyn Hart takes the reader on an interesting journey with this book. Though she does go off a bit with central characters living in tree houses, she incorporates famous writers and interesting mystery plots that remind the reader of past books and how enjoyable they were.

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