Tuesday, July 10, 2007

#38 Latte Trouble

Latte Trouble
Cleo Coyle
Cozy Mystery
4 out of 5
Victims become suspects, suspects become victims. In this 3rd outing, Cleo opens up the Village Blend for New York Fashion week. On the evening of Lottie Harmons party Tuckers ex-boyfriend is poisoned by a drink that was intended for Lottie. Cleo takes it upon herself to prove Tuckers innocence only to get in the middle of something that is much bigger then she is. This story stumbles and twists along (with a couple of editing mistakes) until the twisted ending in which you have to be paying attention to get all the complexities. Not to mention whether Matteo is really wanting to change or not. I enjoy this series, the characters are familiar and it's nice to revisit them.

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